Affordable luxury – beautiful fashion that benefits everyone

Since we opened the ROSECO boutique in Wil more than five years ago, we have always offered fashion that’s attractive to our customers and fair to the environment and the people along the supply chain who prepare, make and transport our clothes.

In that five years we have worked with our suppliers to ensure that the clothes we stock not only look good, but are ‘good’ and we believe this sets us apart from the more mass-market mainstream clothing retailers.

First of all, we only do business with Swiss agencies who help us source our collections from European companies who make their clothes predominantly in Europe, providing employment in the garment sector in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and other European countries.  We also stock products from a company that manufactures in Nepal, where its business model and track record of fairness and involvement is a great example of social responsibility.

Second, we seek assurance that conditions for the people who make the clothes we sell are fair, safe and that they are paid a decent wage for their work.  Consequently, our clothes are priced at a level where we can provide affordable luxury and quality to our customers, without taking advantage of the people working in clothing manufacture or in the sourcing of cotton, silk, cashmere and woolen raw materials and fabrics.

Fast fashion – clothes that are bought cheaply, worn once or twice and hang in someone’s wardrobe for an average of five weeks before being thrown in the trash – is a rip off for someone. And in many cases, fast fashion is often so cheap because workers that make the clothes are not being paid or treated fairly.

All of our brands have programs to ensure their supply chain is being run responsibly and one in particular, has built its business on the philosophy of creating a win for all involved in its success.

Friendly Hunting creates and manufactures beautiful cashmere and silk scarves and shawls in Nepal in two production sites, employing 400 people at fair rates of pay and in good working conditions. It invests in the communities where it does business – providing education for children and training for adults and by paying fair wages and good working conditions.

Come and visit us in the Altstadt Boutique in the heart of Wil – we look forward to welcoming you.